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The baroque church, recently restored, is one of the most interesting architectonic works of the town as well as one of the most significant works by Antonio Bernardo Vittone, who rebuilt it over a preceding building, locating it on the main street around 1749. Despite the incomplete cotto facade, this is a little jewel, and it is part of the complex dubbed "della Maddalena", an ancient monastery of Dominican nuns created in 1446 by Blessed Margherita di Savoia, and then thoroughly changed during the 18th century, and still enlarged bu subsequent interventions (such as a gymnasium built during the Fascist period at the bottom of the courtyard). Inside, the plant is elliptical and there are interesting frescoes on the vault, as well as the striking late-Baroque wooden choir.

Via Maestra
12051 Alba CN

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Tutti i giorni ore 14,00-18,00.

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