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Linked to the Confraternita del Santo Sudario, founded in Torino in 1598, the Church represents its second seat in an isolated area of Sant’Isidoro, donated by Vittorio Amedeo II in 1728 to be transformed into a hospital dedicated to the mentally ill, to whom he gave the maximum attention. A few years later (1732), another plot of land was purchased for the construction of a chapel to service the hospital and this was completed between 1734 and 1764. With the Confraternita ending in 1801, the church reopened its doors in 1821 and, in part, it was redecorated by Angelo Reycent. The church, a small jewel of the Piemontese Rococo, and only viewable by appointment, conserves some notable works of art: inside, with just one nave, in the vault there is a fresco depicting the “Transfiguration”, a work of Antonio Michele Milocco, like the altar-piece. The crypt houses the Museo della Sindone.

Via San Domenico
10122 Torino TO

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