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Located in Piazza Risorgimento, one of the city’s main squares, the Duomo has undergone various transformations over the years which have altered its look and original floor plan. Built in the Romanesque style around the 10th century, it was partially rebuilt, for the first time in 1486, following the request of Bishop Andrea Novelli, and later restructured numerous times. The present façade dates back to 1878, when the church underwent its final significant reconstruction, which gave the building the even and symmetrical look it still has today. The precious wooden choir is noteworthy, engraved and inlaid by Bernardino Fossati between 1512 and 1517. Another extraordinary carpentry and sculptural work is the extensive Baroque cabinetry in the vestry done during the 18th century (the date is found at the foot of the bas-relief depicting San Lorenzo – Saint Lawrence). Also in the vestry is the elegant polychromatic bas-relief, “Madonna con Bambino, San Giovanni Battista e San Giovanni Apostolo” (“Virgin Mary with Child, Saint John the Baptist, and Saint John the Apostle”), by Como’s Giovanni Lorenzo Sormoni done in 1507. The bell tower, with double-arched windows in the Romanesque style, dates back to the first decades of the 13th century and has the original, ancient bell tower within its walls.

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