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At the end of the XV century, the bishop Domenico Della Rovere entrusted the Tuscan architect Meo del Caprina with the building of a new cathedral, dedicated to the Patron Saint of Torino, St John the Baptist. The building was started in 1491, it is characterized by a simple design and it is the first example of Torino Renaissance architecture. The Cathedral was built using marble rather than red brick, and it is embellished by elegant decorations. At the end of the XVII century the glorious dome by Guarino Guarini was added, which was almost destroyed by a terrible fire in April 1997, and is now being restored. The Holy Shroud is kept in the Cathedral: this is the shroud that retains the image of Christ. The latest display of the shroud took place during the 2000 Jubilee, when thousands of believers came to Torino to pay homage to the relic.

Via XX Settembre 87
10122 Torino TO

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