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At the end of the 15th century, Marquis Ludovico II had the structure built to show the importance of his family’s house in religious circles and, by doing so, free himself from any type of subjection by the House of Savoy. Created in the Lombard Gothic style, it is a huge structure with a beautiful brick façade and a central white plaster section with frescos by Hans Clemer, a great artist from Picardy working for the Marquises of Saluzzo. The three main entrances (the central entrance is topped by a high wimperg framed in terracotta with fascias of decorative motifs) lead visitors into the church’s interior divided into three naves – a higher, central nave and two lateral naves. The decorations and furnishings, which date back to earlier times, have significant artistic value, in particular, the 14th century wooden crucifix above the central nave, the polyptych by Hans Clemer in the 18th century chapel del SS. Sacramento (Very Holy Sacrament), and the high Baroque altar embellished with statuary work by Carlo Giuseppe Plura.

Piazza Garibaldi 1
12037 Saluzzo CN

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