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Located right in front of the Duomo, the hexagonal Paleo-Christian baptistery is the oldest monument in Novara. The floor plan is typically octagonal, with rectangular apses alternating between curvilinear ones. The façade has three entrances. Inside are the remains of the first primitive baptismal pool, the cylindrical water well for the sacrament, and the drainage channel. The original flooring was done in square, hexagonal, and triangular white and dark gray tiles. The decorations on the Baptistery’s interior walls are in a mosaic floral pattern. The famous pictorial cycle of St. John’s Apocalypse should be noted. This is dominated by eight pictures of seven trumpet blares announcing the scourges that will rain down on humanity. One of the eight works was covered up during the 15th century by another fresco which depicts the Universal Judgment. The visual power of the entire cycle makes the static quality of the apocalyptic vision majestic and enchanting, both in the terrifying tragedy of the divine scourges against humanity as well the lyrical quality of the suffering of the unknown artist, brought to life the by angel as well as by the various characters and monsters.

Piazza della Repubblica 8
28100 Novara NO

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