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Also known as the ‘Mauriziana’, the basilica is linked to the arciconfraternita di Santa Croce, the oldest brotherhood in the city. The origin Church of San Paolo was reformed by Francesco Lanfranchi while Michelangelo Morello and then Antonio Bettino started work on the total reshaping in 1679. The Confraterinta lost every right to the church in 1728 when Vittorio Amedeo II commandeered it to turn it into the magisterial basilica of the Ordine dei Santi Maurizio e Lazzaro, who already possessed the Palazzo dei Cavalieri and the magisterial hospital. The facade, which was incomplete, was concluded in a neo-classic style by Carlo Bernardo Mosca (on order of Carlo Alberto in 1834), with the positioning of a statue of the Saints to whom the church is dedicated. Inside, the eclectic wooden structures, designed by Carlo Ceppi, are of particular interest. It was seriously damaged during the aerial bombardment of July 13, 1943, and has since been largely restored. Its relationship with Via Milano is also intentional since, viewed together, they create a rhombus shape characteristic of Juvvara, which was intentionally made to make it suitably sacred.

Via Milano 20
10122 Torino TO

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