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St. Andrew’s Basilica Gardens

This ideal circular route between the green squares of Vercelli, can be concluded in the area of the Basilica of Sant'Andrea. The complex is surrounded entirely by lawns, flowerbeds and magnificent trees.

Via Guala Bicheri and the small square of the same name were built on the right side of the religious building, in the shade of the 15th century bell tower, at the end of the 19th century. The original gardens are still shaded by two large Magnolias, two majestic Ginko biloba trees and a Himalayan Cedar. Between the benches stands the monument to Umberto I (1907).

Opposite the Basilica stands the nineteenth-century Palazzo Tartara, Vercelli's former hospital, currently home to the “A. Avogadro” University of Eastern Piedmont. Inside the courtyard there are still three large wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) which are over one hundred years old, having been planted in the 1870s, when the building was built. Their historical and landscape value was confirmed in 2005 by a census carried out by the Italian Forestry Corps, which included the so-called Glicini di Palazzo Tartara (Palazzo Tartara wisterias) among the oldest and largest monumental plants in Italy.

Via Galileo Ferraris
13100 Vercelli VC
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