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Piazza Roma and the gardens of Parco Kennedy

The layout of Piazza Roma, the so-called piazza della stazione (station square), dates back to 1937, the year in which the town-planning scheme, based on a project by the architect Giuseppe Momo, was created. It remains unchanged to this day, with the impressive fountain in the centre, featuring a bronze sculpture by Attilio Gartmann depicting Il Seminatore (Allegoria dell’Agricultura - 1909) (The Seminator - Allegory of Agriculture), with the large flowerbeds at the side of the railway station.

A few metres away, creating almost an ideal path, stands the work of the sculptor Agenore Fabbri, il Monumento alla Mondina (the Monument to the Mondina), located inside Parco Kennedy. These public gardens date back to 1855 and extend into a hollow that was once the moat around the ancient city fortifications. In addition to sycamore and maple trees, visitors to the gardens can also enjoy a Sophora japonica.

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