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Spreading the practice of sports and gym through exchanges of experience with European partners is the aim of the European project "Erasmus + Sport - Let's fit healthy life! The role of sport in regenerating deprived areas".

The goal is the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle as well as that of sports such as fit-walking, walking and power walking; sport becomes a tool for social inclusion, equal opportunities and added value for marginal territories.

The partnership consists of a public-private (non-profit) alliance that includes local public bodies and sports associations from different European Countries including Zemgale Planning Region (Latvia), Adcs Carvalhais Sport, Cultural and Social Association (Portugal), Gymnastikos Athlitikos Syllogos ILISOS - Gas Ilisos - (Greece), Palencia Nordic Walking (Spain), Municipality of Valga (Estonia), School of the Fitwalking Path (Italy) and also Piedmont Region.

The project will be developed in 3 distinct phases, conducted in the 6 partner Countries: analysis of local needs and sharing of best practices, workshops and actions for active participation, encouragement to sports practice and implementation of shared guidelines for local stakeholders.

At the end of the project, a non-competitive sports event in Ceresole Reale (TO) will involve the participation of residents and project partners.