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01/05/2022 - 31/12/2022

The "Barlafus" Vercelli antiques market originated in 1989 with a few stalls in Piazza Cavour that have grown in number and variety with each passing year. Today Barlafus has become a highly anticipated event contributing to the revitalization of the City of Vercelli, which is inundated for one day a month with tourists who until that day were unaware of its beauty.

The merchandise laid out on the stalls, from eight in the morning until seven in the evening, is as heterogeneous as one can find: ranging from small pictures to vinyl records to books published in the 1960s, phone cards to tableware, restaurant plates to mugs, dolls to teapots. Used clothes, knick-knacks and curiosities from around the world to explore.

Pastimes, hobbies, passions; the flea market craze is a real one.

WHERE: In Vercelli on Garibaldi Avenue every first Sunday of the month.

Fiere e mercati
13100 Vercelli VC
Sunday 1 May 2022 - Saturday 31 December 2022