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"Let's fit healthy life! The role of sport in regenerating deprived areas" is a new project carried on by a European consortium of seven organizations from 6 different EU Countries: Italy, Portugal, Spain, Latvia, Estonia, Greece. The main objective of “Let's fit healthy life!” Project is to promote a more active healthy lifestyle, supporting the benefits of physical health through sports and fit-walking.

The project, started in January 2019, will last 2 years (January 1st, 2019 – December 31st, 2020).



Sport has the magical power to engage people completely and transversally: it can be practiced at an amateur or competitive level, by all kinds of people and at all ages to keep fit or for fun. The project focuses on particular activities such as walking, fitwalking and power walking, as a vehicle for values such as solidarity, respect, participation and inclusion, on the one hand, and, on the other, as sport to promote the physical and mental well-being of the individual.

The project will pursue the following specific objectives:

  • to involve decentralized territories and marginal natural/rural areas as active places to play sports such as walking, fit-walking and power walking;
  • to improve local capacity to promote an active lifestyle and experiment with innovative schemes to rethink and manage natural resources and deprived territories (non-urban) with healthy perspectives;
  • to inspire various European territorial areas to implement pilot Health initiatives, promoting specific physical activity and more active lifestyles (exchange of good practices);
  • to improve awareness, in order to stimulate local / regional stakeholders, to adopt points of view associated with sport and health in local development policies, in deprived areas;
  • to raise awareness on the value of sports and physical activity in relation to the personal, social and professional development of individuals;
  • to establish a sustainable transnational network of fit-walking expertise in Europe aiming to exchange good practices and experiences;
  • to develop a model for the education and training of athletes and sports amateurs in the field of fit-walking discipline.



  • Regione Piemonte – ITALY (Lead Partner)
  • Zemgale Planning Region – LATVIA
  • Carvalhais Sport, Cultural and Social Association – PORTUGAL
  • Gymnastikos Athlitikos Syllogos ILISOS (Gas Ilisos) - GREECE (Participation to be approved)
  • Club Deportivo Nordic Walking Castilla y Leon (Palencia) – SPAIN
  • Municipality of Valga – ESTONIA
  • ASD Scuola del Cammino Fitwalking – ITALY

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Stated that sedentary life may turn into serious muscular and bone related illnesses along individuals’ lives it is necessary that correct information is given since the very early phase of people’s life. Through meetings and seminars at school on a regional scale, the project aims to make the younger generations understand the importance of physical activity and especially fitwalking, to keep fit and prevent future illnesses resulting from a sedentary life or poor lifestyle habits. Awareness-raising activities are mainly organised at school level in rural and decentralised areas, identified in the six territories involved, with the active involvement of young people and children.

Other beneficiaries of the project are older people, who currently represent a growing percentage of the EU population. The importance of practicing physical activity later in life, feeling actively involved in society, reducing the possibility of chronic illness, also has a positive impact on the reduction of healthcare costs. For this reason, centres and associations for the elderly and the regional public health service will be involved in each territory. People with special needs and disabilities will be included, too.

The project focuses on the marginalized and deprive areas in the 6 territories: several studies explored on EU the role which sport has played in the regeneration of deprived areas and to explored wider evidence for the assumption that sport can contribute positively to aspects of territorial regeneration and social inclusion.

The potential contribution of sports to physical and mental health, improving educational performance, providing employment, contributing to volunteering and community development, environmental improvements, was noted. 

The beneficiaries marginalized  areas of the Erasmus+ “Let’s Fit” project are:

  • Italy: in Piedmont the Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso, Val d'Orco, Val Chiusella
  • Latvia: Tērvete Nature Park
  • Portugal: Trás-os-Montes region
  • Greece: to be defined
  • Estonia: Karula National Park
  • Spain: Natural area Palencia



Project advancement stages are presented and discussed at plenary Transnational Meetings where at least 2 representatives from each partner participate.




Ceresole Reale in Piedmont (November 2020). 




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