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Like any good self-respecting castle, that of Agliè, a well-known building located in Canavese, has its own ghost.

According to one legend, the ghost of a noblewoman of the Savoy dynasty, Princess Victoria of Savoy, who died in Turin in 1753, still roams restlessly within the walls of Agliè Castle.

Apparently, the woman had ugly features, so at least represented her in a wax bust, with applications of cloth, beads and lace (among the best-preserved works in the living room today!), sculptor Piero Orso.

But this is how she was also described by Countess Angelica Von Kottulin Lodron, her lady-in-waiting, in her own memoirs: "An ugly figure, short, black eyes, long nose and thin mouth. The forehead was low and the noblewoman dressed as an old woman, with very simple clothes."

A superintendent, who lived for many years in the manor, was convinced that his ghost still roamed those walls in the 1950s. The man linked certain occurrences within the castle walls to the ghost, such as the continuous breaking of glass in some rooms of the keep, rustling and suspicious noises that occurred punctually in the middle of the night.

Castello di Agliè
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