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The ‘Conservatorio Statale di Musica di Torino’ (State Conservatory of Music in Turin) was established in 1936, when the "Giuseppe Verdi" Istituto Musicale (Music Institute), founded in 1866, was transformed into the Regio Conservatorio di Musica (Regio Conservatory of Music), a school qualified to issue official degrees in the musical profession.

The building, was built in 1928 on a project of the Municipal Technical Office (chief engineer Giorgio Scanagatta, with the architect Giovanni Battista Ricci), it closes with a neo-renaissance style façade with a nineteenth-century side Piazza Bodoni, built as part of the expansion of the city, beyond the city walls. The decorations of the atrium, the foyer and the large concert hall are also of eclectic taste.

The Conservatory has a rich library, established in 1867 with the then High School of Music, which consists of a patrimony of over 100,000 titles - 60,000 of printed music, 3,500 musical manuscripts, 25,000 volumes on the history of music, musicology, treatises, 450 series of musical periodicals - and thousands of records. With a section of great historical and documentary interests regarding the composers of the Piemonte (Piedmont) area relative to the nineteenth century.

Via Mazzini 11
10123 Torino TO
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