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Located in Agliè, in the province of Torino (Turin), the Castle is an elegant and majestic building. The current aspect is the result of the fusion of four major constituent phases and is surrounded by gardens and a large park. The original nucleus of the Castle dates back to the 13th century but the medieval structure was incorporated into the large residence that Duke Filippo di San Martino had built in the middle of the seventeenth century; a vast geometrical Garden surrounded the dwelling, which was already embellished by finely decorated greenhouses.

In 1764 the complex was bought by Carlo Emanuele III for his cadet son Benedetto Maria Maurizio, Duke of Chiablese: thus a new construction and decorative season began for the Castle under the direction of the architect Ignazio Birago of Borgaro, who extended the area facing the village, also creating the Church and the connecting gallery, called "delle Tribune" (of the Tribunes).

The park was geometrically structured and was embellished by the spectacular "horse-shoe" fountain, the first work of the Collino brothers.  In the years 1825-1849 the Castle and the Park was the object of the renewal desired by King Carlo Felice and his wife Maria Cristina, who created the small Theater and the new arrangement of the Royal Apartment.

In 1939 the Castle was sold to the State which entrusted its restoration and management to the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and the Landscape of Piemonte (Piedmont).  Surrounded by a park with century-old trees and large greenhouses, the castle has over 300 rooms with a wealth of precious and heterogeneous furnishings and collections, ranging from paintings to archaeological finds, to surprising ornithological and oriental collections. 

It is surrounded by many Italian type gardens, from the Garden of the Terraces or Roof Garden, from the eighteenth-century Garden that houses the Fountain of the Four Rivers, from the Park and the English-type Garden. Since 1997, the Castle has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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