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The eighteenth-century complex, one of the most important historical sites in Italy, includes the castle, the tomb (national monument since 1911), the scenic ‘English’ park and the neo-gothic tower. The old castle of the Benso was demolished in 1708 by Carlo Ottavio Benso, who built the new building between 1712 and 1722.

The project is by Francesco Gallo, architect of Vittorio Amedeo II. Other buildings were demolished to build the parish church. In Santena rest the remains of Camillo Benso of Cavour, next to those of his family, in the place of his most intimate affections.

Visiting the castle, the tomb of the Benso, the park, the Visconti tower, and the monumental Church, exhibits the significant episodes of European and Italian history, meeting the main characters of the Risorgimento and the family who lived next to the architect of the Unification of Italy.

The current park has an extension of 23 hectares: its original nucleus dates back to the early '700, when the current villa was built. Around 1830 Michele Benso entrusted the Prussian Xavier Kurten - director of the Racconigi park - with the definitive arrangement of the park, according to the fashion of the picturesque garden.

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