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The Basilica of Superga built by Filippo Juvarra between 1717 and 1731 at the behest of King Victor Amadeus II of Savoy and houses in its crypt the Royal Tombs of the House of Savoy, an architectural jewel enriched by the sculptural works of the Collino brothers, Pietro della Vedova and Angelo Cuglierero, artists of the 18th and 19th centuries. Notable figures buried at Superga include King Carlo Alberto of Savoy Carignano, Queen Maria Adelaide of Hapsburg Lorraine, Maria Vittoria Dal Pozzo Della Cisterna who was also Queen of Spain from 1870 to 1873, the first King of Sardinia Vittorio Amedeo II and his son Carlo Emanuele III. The monumental complex also houses the Sala Papi, with a unique pictorial collection, and the Royal Apartments with the Salone del Re (King's Salon), replete with substantial evidence of artists active in Turin in the mid-19th century. The dimensions of the Basilica of Superga are impressive: the length is 51 m. while the dome is 75 m. high. These features combined with the height of the hill (672 m) make it visible even from afar and particularly from Turin, so much so that it is one of the city's symbolic monuments. To enjoy the splendid view of the Alps, one can access the staircase of 131 steps that leads to the Juvarrian Dome. The interior basilica has a circular plan with six side chapels, topped by a large Baroque dome¸ the exterior façade is preceded by a monumental pronaos supported by eight classically inspired Corinthian columns. On either side of the central body of the dome rise twin bell towers, in which the influence of Borromini can be seen.

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