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The Royal Apartments inhabited by Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoia and Rosa Vercellana, "la Bela Rosin", countess of Mirafiori and Fontanafredda, have recently been restored thanks to an important public funding and from the contribution of Compagnia of San Paolo (Company of San Paolo).

The Regal Apartments have 20 halls, fully furnished with precious artifacts, from works of art, to fabrics, to furnishings and with furnishings from the ancient Savoy collections that allow, during ones visit, to fully enjoy the taste of the first king of Italy. The decorative and furnishing choices were entrusted to the court architect Domenico Ferri, who promoted a significant figurative construction site still perfectly preserved today.

The recovery of the countless masterpieces kept here has allowed us to rediscover their original splendor. Elegant furnishings, precious fabrics, gold, refined artifacts, pictorial cycles and more than 100 works of art "come alive" thanks to the incredible recovery work aimed at the preservation and maximum enjoyment. The atmosphere is special and evocative: you do not enter a museum, but into the private rooms of the King, thought and organized for a comfortable country life, together with his beloved woman, Rosa Vercellana, and their children.

Far from the official court, the sovereign is cultured as a man here who has freely chosen the place to devote himself to and to his favorite activities such as hunting or playing billiards. For this reason the Royal Apartments de La Mandria unveil unique and particular aspects of the royal life, allowing you to see a more intimate profile in respects to the other residences where room was left for ceremonies and representations.

The Royal apartments are found in the Parco La Mandria, a place of great charm, where you can experience unique sensations immersed in the silence and the natural smells of its places.

You can spend pleasant hours with excursions in the woods or by bike, to discover the flora and wildlife.

Viale Carlo Emanuele II, 256 (entrata Ponte Verde)
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