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The abbey complex, including the Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria and the Museo Archeologico of Caburrum (Archaeological Museum of Caburrum), is located in the Parco Naturale della Rocca di Cavour (Rocca of Cavour Natural Park).

The Rocca, a special Nature Reserve belonging to the protected areas of Piemonte (Piedmont), is an area of​​considerable naturalistic interest with an important geological characteristic and shows traces of frequentations dating back to the Neolithic period and with important attestations of rock art, engravings and an exceptional example of prehistoric paintings on rock.

At its feet arose the Abbey, which was probably already in existence in 1032 and is mentioned in the testament of 1037 by the Vescovo of Torino Landolfo (Bishop of Turin Landolfo). It is a Romanesque building with three naves, showing in its current appearance a schedule of important interventions, including the remaking of the upper part of the bell tower during the fifteenth century, the planimetric reshaping in the seventeenth century with the insertion of new decorations, and a last baroque stage readable above all in the presbytery.

In the surviving locals of the former Benedictine monastery once used as a tun-shed, today it hosts the Museo Archeologico of Caburrum (Archaeological Museum of Caburrum), inaugurated in 2008, with finds from the ancient Roman Forum Vibii Caburrum center, founded by Caio Vibio Pansa Cetroniano probably in 45-44 BC

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closed on: January 1st, Easter, August 15th, December 25th, 26th and 31st

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