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The Benedictine Abbey of Fruttuaria was founded at the beginning of the eleventh century by Guglielmo of Volpiano. The Abbey testifies to the historical changes suffered over the centuries, when around the 1400s after a phase of decline it came to its abolition, in 1585 it was transformed into a collegiate church.

Vittorio Amedeo of the Lanze, in 1770, based a project attributed to Bernardo Antonio Vittone and built a new large church whose layout overlaps with the medieval structures. The original building had three aisles cut by a transept on which five apsidal chapels opened to: with the presence of several different altars, the monks had the opportunity to celebrate multiple liturgies at the same time. The walls of the chapels of the transept conserve colorful frescoes with motifs of a faux styled marble.

The altar of the cross is in a central position, representing the fulcrum of the entire religious space and behind it is kept the Rotunda of the Holy Sepulcher, dating back to the early period of construction. The floor area, consisting of a series of mosaics with geometric and animal motifs placed within panels, came to light in 1979. The discovery of the ancient structures has allowed grasping of the complexity of the system and has made a thousand years of history scroll through this building: a cement-iron floor was built to divide the upper church, used for worship, from the lower one, which can be visited through a didactic museum path. The mosaics of Fruttuaria, of Benedictine matrix, turn out to be, like those of Santa Giustina of Sezzadio, among the oldest in the Piemonte (Piedmont) area. In Fruttuaria, where the first king of Italy, Arduino d'Ivrea, withdrew and died in 1015.

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