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Piemonte is a region which can be narrated through the excellence of its food and the numerous wine and food itineraries characterising it, from wine through chocolate to the restaurants located within the Royal Residences. If you are looking for relaxation and diversion, Piemonte has so much to offer, in every season: from sports holidays on golf courses, to finding fantastic bargains in the designer outlet villages (modern evolution of factory outlets), or in the several district markets and traditional shops.


Tagliere di formaggi

The food and wine tradition of Piemonte enjoys international fame, so much so that in restaurant rankings and in food and wine guides, the region always takes the top spots. A success owed to the ability of the chefs, masters of mixing traditional flavors with those of nouvelle cuisine, but also to the certified quality of Piemonte products. Land and cuisine form an inseparable union that contributes to preserving the identity of a land and its people. The wealth of typical Piemonte products allows us to taste excellent rice-based dishes, truffles, cheeses, and meats, all accompanied by a vast selection of fresh vegetables. Each dish may also be accompanied, as well as by different types and compositions of mineral water, by dry or sweet wines, reds, roses, or whites, and always top quality. In fact, 80% of Piemonte wines have DOC (designation of controlled origin) and DOCG (designation of controlled origin and guaranteed) certification. For beer lovers, the large selection of local and microbrewery beers distributed throughout the region allows us to try top-level artisanal products.




Piedmont has a history of sport and sporting legends. Very few people realize that here were founded the first sports association offering a number of sports activities (1844) and the very first rowing club (1863) in the world... The earliest cycle races were contested along the roads of Piedmont in 1876, and naturally the first Italian soccer championship competition was organized here in 1898.
The dazzling feats of world champion cyclist Coppi and the spectacular goals of Parola have gone down in sporting history, memories of the golden years of sport in Italy.
The glories of Piedmont’s sporting past and talent for sport live on in the present, thanks to the incredible range of sports facilities and opportunities available in the region, both for dedicated athletes or weekend sports enthusiasts. Apart from excellent urban sports facilities, the mountains rivers and National Parks of Piedmont offer a wide range of outdoor sports activities. It is not surprising that Piedmont is considered the cradle of modern sport in Italy.


Relax termale

Fundamental for the human organism and for nature, oftentimes used for therapeutic reasons, this is water: the symbol of purity and rebirth. In Piemonte, there are various spas which use it, structures in the forefront, comfortable and relaxing, specializing in treatments for the body. Not only therapeutic remedies, but also regenerating massages and beautifying cures make spas the perfect spot for any age group.
Say goodbye to stress and fatigue? Smooth away those aging worry lines and find new zest for life? It’s as easy as drinking a glass of water!
From the time of the Ancient Romans, the many thermal springs in Piedmont have attracted visitors, eager not only to benefit from the healing powers of the spa waters but to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding countryside. Set among magnificent valleys, mountains and hills, the spas provide endless opportunities for walking in the open air, and the perfect atmosphere for unwinding and regaining energy and wellbeing. A stay at a spa resort is a relaxing and entertaining holiday. Piedmont’s thermal springs are many and varied, combining state of the art wellness facilities with locations rich in history and tradition.


The main spa towns

Teatro Carignano
 Teatro Carignano - Torino

An unstoppable stream of live performances will flood Piemonte, and will make this region an exceptionally fertile land for the growth and spread of all types of theatre. Actors, renowned directors, dancers, celebrated choreographers, musicians and illustrious Maestri will find here important theatres, some of which are remarkable from an artistic and historical point of view. Here they will have the opportunity to best express their art, following in the wake of other celebrated artists who first trod these boards and who left us indelible memories of their talent and of what the word “performance” means. A lively audience, who is especially responsive to performing arts, will welcome these artists in cities and towns, on the plain, in the hills and in the mountains of Piemonte.


reception hotel

Hotels, pensions, residences, bed and breakfasts, hostels, accommodation in agritourism in the country; as well as campsites, mountain refuges, “baita” chalets in the Alps or rented holiday villas: there is an infinite choice of comfortable and very special places to stay all over Piedmont. All in locations that are full of interest or surrounded by beautiful scenery, so you’ll be feeling relaxed and stress free long before you actually go to bed. In the city or the country, in the mountains or hill country, or on the shores of a lake: you’re sure to find a place to stay that is exactly right for you.



persona che legge

There are thematic regional guidebooks, provincial guides, and monographic guides to Turin. There are well-indexed guides, guides for drinking, and guides for eating. Everything becomes easier thanks to a guidebook – from a night in a hotel to a recommended visit to a little museum dedicated to material culture. There are so many guides in all languages to tell the story of Piedmont.



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