Castello Falletti (Barolo)

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Piazza Falletti - 12060 Barolo (Cn)

Castello Falletti di Barolo
Castello Falletti di Barolo

This fascinating and imposing structure tells the story of more than one thousand years of a history filled with innuendo and interesting facts. A visit to the Falletti Castle (Castello Falletti) located right in the center of Barolo, begins on the piano nobile in the large and luminous Sala delle Quattro Stagioni (The Hall of the Four Seasons), which takes its name from the four paintings above the doors, each dedicated to one season of the year. This room leads to the Sala degli Stemmi (The Hall of the Coats of Arms), where the ceiling is decorated with the emblems of the Falletti family, to the room of the Marchioness Colbert, and, finally to Silvio Pellico’s room where the walls – which appear to be covered in cloth – are actually painted with trompes l’oeil. This room leads to the Library where the author of “Le Mie Prigione” had access to more than 3,000 volumes still well preserved today. On the second floor, an Ethnographic-Oenological Museum is found, while Barolo’s Regional Wine Cellar (Enoteca) is located in the castle’s cantinas. From the castle’s terrace, a beautiful view of the lower Langhe focuses in on the vineyards.

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