Sacro Monte di Belmonte (Valperga)

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Corso Massimo d’Azeglio, 216 - 10081 Valperga (To)

Sacro Monte di Belmonte
Sacro Monte di Belmonte

Essential, with Franciscan rigor, the Sacro Monte di Belmonte located in Valperga, dominates the high Canavese plain between Serra d’Ivrea and the hills of Turin. A monastery that dates back to the first years of 1000, then a sanctuary and then a convent once again, it became Sacro Monte beginnting in 1712. Belmonte – made-up of 13 chapels each dedicated to a leg of the Via Crucis – still constitutes an important moment in authentic popular religious belief today. Just as Varallo, also Belmonte was conceived following the wish of a Franciscan monk, Michelangelo da Montiglio, who, after a stay in Palestine, called in local artists and artisans to work on creating a sanctuary, who as a demonstrable sign of their faith, worked for free. Simple, expressive groups, made in plaster or “scagliola” (artificial marble), whose faces and expressions allow a vein of popular taste to shine through, demonstrate this. More refined are the frescos, among which, those dedicated to Jesus nailed on the cross made with a light and delicate touch by an unknown artist catch one’s attention.

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