Abbazia di Santa Maria (Cavour)

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Via Saluzzo, 74 - 10061 Cavour (To)

Abbazia di Santa Maria
Abbazia di Santa Maria

Founded “ex novo” by Bishop Landolfo of Torino in 1037, it was administered by more than 40 abbots, most of which were of the Benedictine order from the Chiusa di San Michele. Notwithstanding the fact that it has been damaged several times it is still possible today to rediscover what is left of the Landolfo’s work: the church’s various levels, its octagonal pillars, the marvelous crypt with the oldest altar in Piemonte and, above all, the precious spolia material from the antecedent era that testifies to a possible pre-existing structure. It is located within the territory of the Parco Naturale della Rocca on the road that leads from Cavour to Saluzzo (in the province of Cuneo). The Museo Archeologico “CABURRUM” (“CABURRUM” Archaeological Museum) has been founded recently in the rooms at the ancient monastery where important finds from the Cavour of Roman times “Forum Vibii Caburrum” can be admired .It was located in the exact spot where the Abbey now stands.

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