Reali Sensi - Le Residenze Reali attraverso i 5 sensi 

From 01-03-2017 To 31-12-2017
10100 Torino (To)

Reali Sensi - Le Residenze Reali attraverso i 5 sensi
Reali Sensi - Le Residenze Reali attraverso i 5 sensi

Sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing are the main characters of a full schedule of appointments which will involve the Royal Residences from March to December. This consists of “Reali sensi” (Royal Senses) tours linked to visual arts, music, the history of Court perfumers and Royal Madams, or visits with tastings and tactile itineraries.

The aim is to offer visitors an alternative key to understanding and analysing in-depth classical tours, through an experience involving the five senses, on the occasion marking the 20th anniversary of the Torino and Piemonte Royal Residences becoming part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The first sense to be involved is sight, with visits running from 1st March to the end of April. These can be booked from 1st February on the website. Hearing then follows during May and June, smell for July and August, taste in September and October and touch for November and December.

Tours are free for holders of the Royal Card, the 48-hour validity card which allows accessing the Residenze Reali without charge (one adult and one child below twelve years of age) at a cost of € 32.50. In addition, the card also allows using the Torino city and suburban public transport for 48 hours, the special “Venaria Express” shuttle and much more besides.

Date of last update: 16/02/2017