Where can I find a printable map of Piedmont?

From the menu DOWNLOAD (bottom right) clicking on the item .carta del piemonte, it is possible to download in Pdf format a complete map with the main physical-political characteristics of the region. The same map contains both a multilingual presentation (English, French, German, and Japanese) of Piedmont, and a series of useful references for tourists, such as toll-free numbers of the Authority, and the ATL (Agenzie Turistiche Locali) branches, which are present all over the region.


Where do I find information about walking tours and sport activities in Piedmont?

It is possible to find an accurate list of excursions, places with sport facilities and sport activities by selecting the menu MOUNTAINS, and then the items Winter sports and Summer sports, and RIVERS AND LAKES in the section Water sports.


What are the main faith routes in Piedmont?

Under the item Architectural assets from the menu CULTURE, it is possible to view a list with detailed cards of the Sacri Monti in Piedmont, UNESCO “Humanity World's Heritage”. Always from the same menu, under Routes, it is possible to access the route dedicated to Places of spirituality.


Where can I find a list of main churches in Piedmont?

It is possible to find a list of main Abbeys and churches in Piedmont, by selecting the menu CULTURE and then the item Architectural assets.


Are there references to Piedmontese libraries according to the Province they are located in?

By selecting the menu CULTURE and the item Libraries, it is possible to consult Pdf lists, with indications on public access to internet.


Does Piedmont have a series of Historical Theatres?

The main Piedmontese Historical theatres can be found under the item Shows, from the menu ENTERTAINMENT.

Last Updated on 02/03/2010

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