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The town of Canelli is famous throughout the world as “the spumante capital”. Here, in fact, is the most important production center of Asti Spumante, a prized white wine with a delicate and aromatic flavor. In Canelli’s territory, almost the entire spumante industry of Piedmont is concentrated, seat of the historical wine companies, considered one of the hinges in the Italian wine industry. In Canelli, it is possible to take a real underground tour, going from cantina to cantina, which inevitably leads to the regional Enoteca (wine cellar) of Canelli and of Astesana. Canelli’s cantinas are, therefore, true “underground cathedrals”, recognized as world heritage, which extend below the city and dug out from several levels in the tuffaceous hills, creating a striking environment, true masterpieces of engineering and architecture. The splendid historical center attached to the hill, is rich in picturesque glimpses and ancient splendor. It is dominated by a castle (1709), which today is property of the Gancia family. There are also many Baroque buildings, among them, the Parish of San Leonardo with its interior completely covered in frescos and canvases by Giovanni Carlo Aliberti from the early 18th century stands out. The particular history y of this town is told every year in the re-enactment of the historical siege of Canelli. For the scene of the main events of 1613, more than 2,000 people in costume represent the historical siege suffered, recreating the atmosphere and the situations of a city under siege for two days.

Historical reenactments

Assedio di Canelli (Canelli Siege) – 1613, June
The heroic resistance of the city, under siege from the Gonzaga during the War of Succession.

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