Monforte d'Alba

Built on the slopes of a steep hill on the border of Langa del Barolo, Monforte no longer has the defensive structures that determined its history and probably gave it its name. In place of the castle, the 18th century Palazzo Scarampi and the square, a small amphitheater with perfect acoustics, used as an auditorium and named after the famous pianist Horszowski, and the seat, since 1986, of the major jazz, classical music, and cinematic events that season the city’s animated cultural life. Monforte’s medieval streets are an invitation to wander, to plunge into its past and to try to relive it. In fact, from Monforte’s history emerges the dramatic episode of the Catharian heresy that, around the year 1000, spread under the protection of the legendary local countess. Imprisoned and brought to Milan by order of the archbishop Ariberto d’Intimiano, the Cathars of Monforte were sentenced to the stake in 1028. Monforte is among the top producers of Langhe wines; seven routes allow visitors to encounter Monforte’s farmsteads, country chapels, woods, and vineyards. It is also the seat of the Union of the “Colline di Langa e del Barolo” Communities.

Via della Chiesa, 3 - 12065 Monforte d´Alba (Cn)
Tel.: +39.0173 78202 - Fax: +39.0173 78282

Date of last update: 21/12/2009

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