Fishing in Piemonte

fishing in piemonte

Types of fishing in Piemonte
Rivers: The Po river starts right here in Piedmont, and in its first stretch it offers incredible clear and clean waters, where it is possible for instance a great torpedo fishing. At the border with Lombardy, the Parco del Ticino is an ideal natural environment to fish among fields and woods. The river Tanaro in the Langhe area also offers places very sought-after by fishermen, who can enjoy a wine and food experience which in itself, it is worth the whole trip.
Streams: Is your passion chasing trouts in the lively waters of mountain streams? Or do you prefer shallow depths and quite currents of the plane? In Piedmont you find the waters that best suit you: from vigourous streams flowing through the Alps' and Prealps woods, to the most quiet waterways of plain of the Po. You simply need to choose the ideal place to best enjoy your favourite sport.
Who issues the fishing licence?
The fishing licence is issued by the single Provinces, according to the regulations of the respective Regions they belong to. When they are issued, licences are valid on free waters in the whole national territory.
Who issues licences to foreign fishermen?
The licence to foreign fishermen is issued by the competent Province, it is valid for three months from the issue date and can be used on the whole national territory.
How many are the fishing licenses?
The regulation on the matter depends on each region. In Piedmont, for instance, there are three different fishing licenses:
type "A" licence: it is issued to those who practice fishing as exclusive and main work and it authorises the fisherman to practice fishing with nets;
type "B" licence: it authorises the amateur fisherman to practice fishing without profit with the rod fitted with a reel and several hooks, or with the square fishing net not longer than 1,50 m in respect of the places where said equipment is allowed;
temporary fishing licence: it is issued to particular categories of people.
What is the FIPSAS card?
It is the card of the Federazione Italiana Pesca Sportiva e Attività Subacquee (Italian Sport Fishing and Scuba Diving Federation). It is possible to apply for it at the local branches of the Federation and it indispensable to access some fishing areas.
How to identify the ideal fishing environment in rivers and streams
In order to highlight the ideal fishing environment in rivers and streams, the best solution is to observe the waterway during low water and to identify the location of pits, depressions, and rocks. It is indeed in the shallow and quiet areas or behind rocks that fish, during the months with abundant water, will rest and feed themselves. Also sunk trees, bridges pillars and other similar object contribute to create other quiet areas where fish usually stop.
How to identify the ideal fishing environment in lakes
As in waterways, also in the case of lakes, fishermen need to identify the less deep and most quiet areas, as it is there where schools of fish tend to concentrate. In order to understand where fish concentrate, it is also useful to observe the behaviour of seagulls and other similar birds, which tend to lie in wait for their preys.
What are the most common fish in Piedmont?
The most widespread species of fish in waterways, in lakes, and artificial ponds in Piedmont are, in alphabetic order, the following: chub, carp, luce, char, and trout (in its variants: fario, rainbow, lake, and marble trout).

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