Saluzzo, which became famous during the Risorgimento period as the birth place of Silvio Pellico, is today above all known for its superbly crafted furniture. Saluzzo ranks amongst the most beautiful cities of Piedmont. Once the capital of a powerful marquisate, it is now one of the most important centres in Italy for antiques, fine furniture and restoration. Lying just a few kilometres outside the city, the Abbazia di Santa Maria di Staffarda, a monastic complex built by the Cistercians in 1135, is well worth a visit. Another local attraction is the Castello della Manta, a prime example of late Gothic art dating back to the early years of the fifteenth century and famed for its frescoes inspired by the epic verse romance “Le Chevalier Errant”.

Historical reenactments

"Noch! Noch! VìVò! Vìvò! – Anno Domini 1529: Quale Marchese?", September
Re-enactment of the political crisis in the wake of the death of the Marquis Michele Antonio for the succession to the throne, in a completely Renaissance atmosphere.


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